Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thanks To Our Local Firefighters, the Roof, the Roof Was Not On Fire!

As many know, brush fires ripped through the Hill Country on Tuesday. In the path, was a Babbler's home just outside Dripping Springs. Thanks to the brave and tireless firefighters of Dripping Springs, Henly, Driftwood, Buda, Oak Hill, Manchaca, Fredericksburg, and La Grange (just to name a few, we're sure) her home was completely spared. Fire licked as close as 18 inches from some parts of the home, but other than acres of burnt grass (which promises to be a thick, glorious green this spring), some crispy sages, and a few charred fence posts, no damage was done to the things that matter most -- her family, her dogs, and those precious pieces of physical family memories.There are absolutely no adequate words to fully express our entire family's gratitude to those men and women who fought the fire and saved her family home.

God Bless You!