Friday, February 1, 2008

This Town is Dripping Espresso

On her blog, Texas Monthly food critic Patricia Sharpe has a post from last November entitled "Espresso in Dripping Springs -- Who Knew?". She blogs as follows:

"You gotta love those small Texas towns. But so often, after you hit the candle shops on the town square, you're in the mood for a decent cuppa, and guess what: There is none. Well, things just got better in Dripping Springs, southwest of Austin. I stopped at the Rockin' A Cafe and Coffee Bar there on Friday, which actually had freshly made espresso drinks, not just some dripolator sludge that had been sitting on a hot plate for an hour."

Things just got better? They "actually had freshly made espresso drinks"? Actually? Mi scusi? This is one of the most espresso'd towns in Texas. You can't throw a rock and not hit a freshly made espresso drink in Dripping Springs (or Wimberley, for that matter). The recent demise of Timpones and Jami's had a moderate impact on our local espresso-per-capita ratio, but with Rolling in Thyme & Dough, Gigi's, Papa Joe's Pizza and "Espresso Bar" (it's right there on the sign), and Rockin' A all within a couple of miles each other, we wouldn't know "some dripolator sludge" if it bit us on the nose (although it does sound like an excellent horror film).

Honestly, with all of the freshly made espresso in this town I don't know how any of us sleep.