Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Does Green Mean?

With all the new construction happening in Dripping Springs, most of us have at least one war story. A house is being built on the lot next to me. The people having the house built could not be any nicer, but I have never encountered a more inconsiderate builder. Initially, the builder's contractors opted to use my driveway instead of their driveway so they could save approximatedly 15 yards of drive time. After complaining to the builder repeatedly (I have a gravel driveway and their repeated use by heavy trucks managed to dig out big holes where my driveway meets the road), they finally set up a barrier to keep the contractors from entering and exiting my property. After their pitifully constructed barrier promptly blew down at the first breeze, I constructed my own barrier with rebar and rope and it has managed to stay up through our many high-wind days.

But my barrier can't stop what bugs me most about this builder: a sign up near their place of business on 290 says they're a "green" builder. As I stare at the trash that has blown all over my property, and all the trash that is in multiple, uncontained piles all over their property, I wonder what do they think "green" means. Do they consider themselves green because they use energy-efficient windows? Environmentally-friendly flooring? It seems to me that if you use those products, and then leave the packaging they came in carelessly strewn about, that's called littering and that's not green.