Friday, August 29, 2008

DRIPPING CHANGES: Summary of upcoming changes

Our good friend and favorite realtor David Loe attended the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce luncheon and learned the following bits of local news which he has graciously shared with us. Here is a rundown of upcoming changes around town.

Several construction projects are appearing on the west side of town:
- Java Sea has started construction on their new building
- Three professional buildings with office spaces
- Construction has begun on the conversion on both the high school and middle school
- Driftwood Baptist Church has started construction
- First Baptist Church has recently completed a slab inspection and have submitted their building plans to the city
- Rob Shelton Blvd will be completed in the next 3 weeks

Changes in other areas of town:
- Site plan has been approved for Best Western (58 rooms) east of the Domino's Pizza
- Harper’s Towing (short term storgage lot) has been approved on South Canyonwood
- Possible auto repair shop on North Canyonwood

Other construction timelines:
- Pioneer Bank will be completed in October
- The Shops at the Springs will include: LK Nails, AT&T, Great Clips, Koi Lantern and Quiznos
- Flores, McDonalds, Chase and possibly Quiznos will be opening between Thanksgiving and Christmas
- Walgreen’s will open in early 2009

Thursday, August 28, 2008

DRIP SPOT: John Hilgers

Dripping Springs resident John Hilgers is featured in the Statesman today for his work as state director of the national organization Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry.

"The group's goal is to feed as many individuals and families as possible through donations of hunter-killed venison. Unlike a number of other programs that depend on hunter donations of venison and money to pay for processing it, Hilgers' group asks only for the venison. Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry builds processing plants to take in the venison and finds donors to fund the process. All it needs is the meat."

Per the article, Mr. Hilgers announced at Tuesday's meeting of the White-tailed Deer Advisory Committee of Texas Parks and Wildlife that "a multi-million-dollar processing plant — paid for by donations — already has broken ground in Johnson City and is expected to be accepting venison by December."

Read the complete (very interesting) article on the Statesman.

For more information on Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, visit their website at

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DRIPPING ADVISORY: Budget and Property Tax Hearings

On September 9th at 7:00PM, the City Council will hold public hearings on the following issues:

Property Tax Increase: Proposed property tax rate for tax year 2008 which would increase total taxes in the City of Dripping Springs by 4.82%.

Fiscal Year 2009 Budget: A copy of the proposed budget is on display during regular business hours at City Hall for public viewing.

On September 16th at 7:00PM a second hearing and adoption of the tax rate and budget will be held.

Public hearings are held (and the budget is available for viewing) at City Hall located at 511 Mercer Street. If you have questions or want to know more about either of these issues call your City Council at 512-858-4725.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Tonight

Meet the people who have a big say in the changes you're seeing in Dripping Springs. The Planning & Zoning Commission meets tonight at 7:00PM at City Hall (511 Mercer Street - the former Church of Christ location). Citizens have the opportunity to speak on any subject before the commission gets to its scheduled agenda which you can read here (PDF file).

The ultimate approval for the "generic suburb" changes we're seeing start with this commission.

Monday, August 25, 2008

DEADLINE: Commission Position Applications Due Today

Today is the deadline for applying for a position on the Dripping Springs Historic Preservation Commission. If you're concerned about the rapidly changing face of Dripping Springs, then maybe a spot on a commission is the right place for you. The City of Dripping Springs is accepting applications to fill two year terms on its Historic Preservation Commission and Founders Day Commission. Applicants may submit a letter of interest and resume to the City Secretary no later than TODAY. Apply in person at 511 Mercer Street; by mail to City Hall at P. O. Box 384, Dripping Springs, TX 78620; or by email to

For more information, call City Hall at 858-4725.

DRIPPING GOOD: Fly Like an Eagle (Scout)

Bravo to Alex Burton and Jacob Lee Johnson of Troop 101, chartered by Dripping Springs Methodist Church, for attaining Eagle Scout status. Mr. Burton, with the help of other Scouts and leaders, gave the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center more storage and a handicap parking area behind the office, and Mr. Johnson cleared the northeast corner of the Dr. Pound Pioneer Farmstead property to its original landscape. (Via the Statesman)

DRIP CLIPS: Getting hairy

Coming to the new The Springs retail shopping center (next to the Super S center and across from Sonic) will be a Great Clips hair salon. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Great Clips has more than 2,700 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

There is already no shortage of places to get your hair cut in Dripping Springs. Here are some of our local hair salons:

Creative Hair
Crossroads Hair Design
David Anthony Hair Salon
Sandy's Creative Hairstyling
Sophie's Garden

Thursday, August 21, 2008

HIP DRIP: Alama Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow this Saturday

On Saturday, the Alama Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow brings Goonies on the giant screen to Dripping Springs. Movie starts at dark (around 9PM) at Founders Park, per the city's website at Concessions available. Bring blankets or chairs.

Goonies info on

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DRIPPING FOOD: Rockin' A and THE Flores

Rockin' A Cafe appears to have closed. Not open during normal hours and the phone number has been disconnected. We're following up on this.

Flores, THE Flores, the Flores in the little green and yellow building with the best tacos in the world says beginning August 25th they'll be open until 6PM. Fantastico!

DRIPPING CHANGE: A storm's a'coming

While a few trees still cling to the edge of the property, the Harrell's and Glosson's lots have been cleared of most the beautiful live oaks to make way for that national drugstore chain. As we mentioned in the Ace post comments earlier, we're putting together what we hope will be a bountiful and constantly updated resource of local businesses. With word of a McDonald's on the way, as well as a Quizno's, a Super Cuts, and whispers of a Chili's, we need to think local now more than ever. The local resource site will be at We're still sorting it all through, but if you have a suggestion for it, let us know.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DRIPPING SAFETY: Zingo Driver Service

If you've ever found yourself in Austin after a UT game, for example, and maybe you had one too many beers, and you should not drive back to Dripping Springs, but you need to get back and you don't want to take a taxi because you need your car in the morning (to get to church), Zingo may be the answer. The Statesman has a story about a new driver service in Austin that gives you a ride home in your own vehicle. The Zingo driver shows up on a small motor scooter, which he packs into a bag and puts in your trunk or cargo area. He drives you home and then he heads back on his scooter. The cost is $20 plus $2 per mile for the cost of gas (far less than the cost of getting arrested for DUI, or repairing your car when you hit a deer, or far more tragic and life-devastating possibilities). Per the article, Zingo says they've driven people home as far as Dripping Springs. The Zingo website says that for longer rides they have an "interceptor vehicle" that picks up the driver and that there is "no limit on where we will take you". You can read the complete Statesman article here. And check out the Zingo website here for how they say it works.

Monday, August 18, 2008

QUICK DRIP: Taking it to City Hall

If you have a question or concern about something that is happening (or not happening) in the city of Dripping Springs, City Hall may have the answer. Whenever we've called or emailed with a question, we have received an answer. We've also spoken our minds at City Council meetings which are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Dripping Springs City Hall, 511 Mercer Street. To contact City Hall by phone or email or to view the updated calendar of regularly scheduled meetings (including commission meetings) visit

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We just got word that Ace in the Hills is closing. The plan is they will be open until late November, so let's keep going while we can. No doubt, there will be some good deals and great sales, as well as a few more cherished opportunities for a great wisecrack by Carol at the register (we love you, Carol!).

We must patronize our local vendors or Dripping will look like every other generic suburb. Ace is a locally owned and operated franchise, and they know your name and go out of their way to help you. This is truly a sad day for Dripping Springs, but a serious wake-up call. Who's next? They've cleared Harrell's lot for that national drugstore chain when we have the great Dripping Springs Pharmacy right here.

We are Ace patrons and truly, genuinely saddened. Not too proud to say this bit of news has us choked up today.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Speaking of Code Reds

Spotted on Craigslist:

"Chicken Red Dorking Rooster - $20 (Dripping Springs)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-08-13, 8:58AM CDT

Red Dorking rooster he is 4 months old and just starting to crow I need to find him a home by this weekend this is a very rare breed and I would rather rehome him than eat him*. I should add they are a pretty friendly breed this one likes people."

* We're guessing the rooster would prefer that as well.

Now curious about Red Dorkings, we learned this:

"This ancient breed was brought to England by the Romans. It is a heavy bird with a large, square frame, single or rose comb, and fifth toe. The American Poultry Association recognizes Silver-Gray, Colored, Red, and White Dorkings. The British also recognize a Cuckoo variety...This old five-toed breed has known many names in its long history and takes its present name, Dorking, from a market town in the south of England... At once commoner and aristocrat, the Dorking has graced the lawns of manor houses, the barnyards of established farms, and the clearings of wilderness homesteads...Dorkings contributed to the development of many of our modern breeds. Even today, Dorkings retain their historic character, remaining perhaps the best breed for natural production that has ever existed. When you look at Dorkings, you are looking at history! " -- From FeatherSite.

Here's hoping this one won't be gracing a side of mashed potatoes!

QUICK DRIP: CODE RED (999-911-9999)

The City of Dripping Springs is implementing a "CODE RED" emergency communication system. If your phone rings and caller ID indicates 999-911-9999, go ahead and pick up (it's not a telemarketer) and you will receive pre-recorded information on the system, along with further instructions.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dripping With Taste Wine & Food Festival

We're about a month away from the inaugural Dripping With Taste Wine & Food Festival which is to be held September 13th from noon - 7pm at the Creekside Pavillion. Proceeds are to benefit the Greater Dripping Springs Area Chamber of Commerce. Creekside Pavillion is actually in Driftwood, but close counts. The official website doesn't have a "Schedule of Events" yet, but you can view a list of participating wineries, sponsor and ticket info. Check it out here. These Babblers plan on attending and we'll be keeping an eye out for updates.

More PEC Controversy

On the heels of last year's PEC controversies of high-flying spending by PEC board directors and executives, comes word now that over half a million dollars has been sitting in an undisclosed Cattleman's National Bank account and the bank has been paying PEC interest on it for years. Read the Statesman's editorial on the PEC mess here.

Friday, August 8, 2008

QUICK DRIP: Onion Creek Farm

Marianne at Onion Creek Farm is discontinuing the Monday Farm Stand, effective this Monday August 11 as things have slowed down considerably with the unrelenting heat and lack of rain, but will be open Fridays, 3-6 pm , until further notice. If you've never been, in addition to organic vegetables, she also carries grass fed beef and local farm fresh eggs.

Go local!

QUICK DRIP: Creed Road Cafe Open

Creek Road Cafe, located in the former Orgeron's building, appears to be open for business.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DRIP TIP: "Down at Drippin' Springs" by Johnny Cash

We received a very fun Drip Tip yesterday about the Johnny Cash song "Down at Drippin' Springs". We fancy ourselves Johnny Cash fans around here (one Babbler has a Longhorn steer named Johnny Cash and another's very first 45 record was Johnny Cash's "Look at Them Beans"), but, shamefully, we didn't know about "Down at Drippin' Springs".

We're trying to get our hands on the song now, but in the meantime...

Thank you, Howard!

Dripping with Concern? Get on a Commission

If you're concerned about the rapidly changing face of Dripping Springs, then maybe a spot on the Historic Preservation Commission is the right place for you.

The City of Dripping Springs is accepting applications to fill two year terms on its Historic Preservation Commission and Founders Day Commission. Applicants may submit a letter of interest and resume to the City Secretary no later than August 25, 2008: in person at 511 Mercer Street; by mail to City Hall at P. O. Box 384, Dripping Springs, TX 78620; or by email to For more information, call City Hall at 858-4725.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DRIP SPOT: New Canaan Farms in the Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News published a "Texas Hill Country Guide" for "(t)his region of rolling hills, green pastures, sparkling lakes, cool rivers, hospitality and good times, sprawls across the heartland of Texas. Here's a guide to how to get the most out of your visit." In their "shopping" section they include Dripping's own New Canaan Farms:

"Dripping Springs: New Canaan Farms – Jams, jellies, sauces, salsas, spice blends. Also, turn-of-the-century kitchen museum and the oak tree under which Lyndon B. Johnson made his first political speech. Seven miles west of town on U.S. 290. Daily except Sunday. 1-800-727-5267;"

Read the complete article on the Dallas Morning News site.

QUICK DRIP: Mercer St. Mercantile For Lease

The building currently housing the Mercer St. Mercantile, home to a collection of gift and antique vendors, is for lease.

Monday, August 4, 2008


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) just released its 2008 Accountability Ratings. Each year, Texas rates its public schools and districts on the academic performance of their students. DSISD, as a whole, was given an "Academically Acceptable" rating which sounds fairly uninspiring, and a little "eh, it's okay I guess", but, individual campus-wise, Dripping Springs Elementary was given a "Recognized" rating and Walnut Springs Elementary and Rooster Springs Elementary were each awarded and "Exemplary" rating. For more detailed information, visit the TEA website.

Friday, August 1, 2008

DRIP SPOT: Gary Conner

Interesting editorial in yesterday's Statesman on Dripping resident Gary Conner:

"Gary Conner, a food service truck driver from Dripping Springs...decided to take on the issue of 'ghost voting' — members of the state Legislature casting electronic votes for absent members. Although it is common practice, Conner thought it wrong. Instead of grumbling about it, he researched the law, drew up a complaint and pushed it through a rather reluctant law enforcement bureaucracy until it got the attention of a Travis County grand jury."

Bravo, Mr. Conner.

Read the complete article here.