Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DRIPPING SAFETY: Zingo Driver Service

If you've ever found yourself in Austin after a UT game, for example, and maybe you had one too many beers, and you should not drive back to Dripping Springs, but you need to get back and you don't want to take a taxi because you need your car in the morning (to get to church), Zingo may be the answer. The Statesman has a story about a new driver service in Austin that gives you a ride home in your own vehicle. The Zingo driver shows up on a small motor scooter, which he packs into a bag and puts in your trunk or cargo area. He drives you home and then he heads back on his scooter. The cost is $20 plus $2 per mile for the cost of gas (far less than the cost of getting arrested for DUI, or repairing your car when you hit a deer, or far more tragic and life-devastating possibilities). Per the article, Zingo says they've driven people home as far as Dripping Springs. The Zingo website says that for longer rides they have an "interceptor vehicle" that picks up the driver and that there is "no limit on where we will take you". You can read the complete Statesman article here. And check out the Zingo website here for how they say it works.