Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Speaking of Code Reds

Spotted on Craigslist:

"Chicken Red Dorking Rooster - $20 (Dripping Springs)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-08-13, 8:58AM CDT

Red Dorking rooster he is 4 months old and just starting to crow I need to find him a home by this weekend this is a very rare breed and I would rather rehome him than eat him*. I should add they are a pretty friendly breed this one likes people."

* We're guessing the rooster would prefer that as well.

Now curious about Red Dorkings, we learned this:

"This ancient breed was brought to England by the Romans. It is a heavy bird with a large, square frame, single or rose comb, and fifth toe. The American Poultry Association recognizes Silver-Gray, Colored, Red, and White Dorkings. The British also recognize a Cuckoo variety...This old five-toed breed has known many names in its long history and takes its present name, Dorking, from a market town in the south of England... At once commoner and aristocrat, the Dorking has graced the lawns of manor houses, the barnyards of established farms, and the clearings of wilderness homesteads...Dorkings contributed to the development of many of our modern breeds. Even today, Dorkings retain their historic character, remaining perhaps the best breed for natural production that has ever existed. When you look at Dorkings, you are looking at history! " -- From FeatherSite.

Here's hoping this one won't be gracing a side of mashed potatoes!