Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DRIPPING POLITICS: Dripping's own "change" candidate

The local election season brought a bumper crop of political signs over the weekend. Like big, rectangular red, white, and blue mushrooms they popped up at virtually every intersection and now "landscape" RR 12 and 290. In the upcoming weeks we'll be focusing on the elections that impact us locally, but as we drove past sign after sign we wondered how much these signs actually help a campaign (one sign in particular drives a certain Babbler crazy and she did do some research to find out more about the candidate who would approve that sign, but that's probably not the purpose of the sign)? For better or for worse, publicity and marketing is the key to the success of any business and candidate. That is simply the way of the world. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound? And can you win a campaign without using these big signs along the road?

We found one candidate who is certainly going to try. Tom Gleinser of Dripping Springs, the Libertarian candidate for State Representative, District 45 has decided to not use road signs to wage his campaign. Per Gleinser's website:

"You will not see any signs littering our roads with my name on them. I've spent too many hours volunteering to collect litter from our highways to dirty them with a sign that says nothing about me other than my name."

Politicians talk about change, but not everyone walks the walk and this approach would certainly be a change from the traditional political campaign playbook.

With his $800,000 plus war chest (the largest of any Democrat on the state ballot), our popular incumbent state representative, Democrat Patrick Rose of Dripping Springs, is certainly the Goliath in the publicity battle for our local state rep. Gleinser and Rose's Republican opponent Matt Young of Wimberley are working with a fraction of that amount (or a fraction of a fraction). How will these comers compete? In his battle, Gleinser has picked principle over posterboard, but will it work?

In the spirit of "it never hurts to ask", we're putting together questionnaires for all three state rep candidates. If you have any question suggestions on issues that concern you, drop us a line. And, in the meantime, you can learn more about the other Dripping Springs candidate for our state rep, Tom Gleinser, at his environmentally friendly website, TomForLiberty.com.

Photo taken September 8, 2008 at RR12 and 150.