Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We didn't think we could love Rolling in Thyme & Dough any more than we already do (if you know of a better egg salad sandwich, please let us know!), but the addition of the plant nursery, Bloom, to the grounds has taken this charming oasis to a whole new level of, well, oasis-ness. A colorful explosion of foliage greets you as you walk the paths to the bakery, and along the way you'll see plants rated by their level of deer resistance which is certainly what you need in Drippng Springs. On our last stroll about the grounds, the plants looked really healthy and there was such a clear, and much appreciated, effort to stock plants that actually work in our local environment. Bloom is open for sales Wednesdays through Saturdays (but their blooming joy is on view every day Thyme & Dough is open).