Friday, October 31, 2008


On the way to meet with some of the folks who work for our little city, I passed the future location of Walgreens where concrete walls now stand, and my heart sank. You know it's coming (just look across RR 12 at the Home Depot or across 290 at the McDonald's), but to see that homogenous, pre-fab construction where an amusingly-shaped rock building and 100 year old oaks once stood was deflating. But after spending some time with the people who work at our city hall and seeing how very much they care about Dripping Springs and how much they want to do to keep our town special, I felt encouraged.

Particularly interesting is the city's recently acquired Harrison Ranch Park (on RR 12 across from the elementary school). This property holds real promise for Dripping who so often has to turn to other towns to host our events. On November 6th, the park's farmhouse will play host to the city's inaugural Wines, Sunsets, and Stars . The Parks Department will conduct an educational and fun event for adult participants to sample a range of Texas wines in the quaint Harrison Ranch Park farmhouse, on 64 acres of rolling Hill Country landscape. The setting should make a perfect retreat for wine lovers. The event is from 6PM - 9PM and costs just $20 per person, but you need to register by Monday as space is limited. Download and return the registration form by clicking here or call Ashley at 512-858-4725.


Such a treat was the Doyle Morgan Fellers poetry evening at the library last night. If you think poetry is just for and by the preening, pretentious, and turtlenecked think again. It was an evening filled with friends, neighbors, and laughter, punctuated by Fellers' true-to-life poetry from his new book Come Sit With Me: Poems and Points. He lives in Dripping Springs and he speaks Drippin', from introspections on the changes happening around us to reflections on our local beauty (landscapes and people, inside and out).

Drip, drip, drip like a timeless clock.
Tap, tap, tap on the limestone rock.
Sparkling waters from secret wells,
Deep within the earth's dark swells.

- From 'Dripping Springs" by Doyle Morgan Fellers

Thank you to Mr. Fellers, Dripping's own poet laureate, and to our library for a special evening.


Today is the last day for Ace in the Hills. When it closes this evening, it will be for good. With the holiday season upon us we realized yesterday, with sadness, there will be no Christmas tree by Carol this year (unless another store has already snapped her up, as they should!). Thanks to everyone at Ace for the laughs and wonderful customer service, we will sincerely miss you.

Carol, keep us posted on your whereabouts; that store will have new loyal customers.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Springs Family YMCA has recently added Zumba to its fitness class lineup. Here's the word:

"Zumba is the Latin based fitness class that makes you want to "Ditch Your Workout and Join the Party!" The Y will be holding a free 1 hour Zumba Party on Halloween and the community is invited to come check it out and dance it out! Come dressed in you Halloween best or just come as is! Class starts at 9:15AM in the Wellness room and will be followed by refreshments."


Overheard over coffee this morning that the new H.E.B. (to be located near Home Depot) is still planned, but has been delayed.


The Gateway of Arts Trail (GOAT) Kids for Kids Gala scheduled for November 21st at the Terrace Club in Dripping Springs has been cancelled. Word is a more economy-friendly replacement "un-gala gala" is being organized and actually sounds like a fun idea, basically a series of events over the holidays at various local establishments where the wonderful herd of artful goats will be on display and for auction. We'll keep you posted as additional details come in.


We heard from the wonderful Marianne at Onion Creek Farm who let us know that her farm stand, which she had hoped to re-open in October, remains closed due to the dry weather. She is hoping to open again in late November and will keep us posted.

Pray for rain!


Today, Thursday, is the last day to early vote in the Dripping Springs area:

Belterra Clubhouse
801 Belterra Dr.
Dripping Springs, TX (10 am – 8 pm)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Did you know Dripping Springs has its very own poet laureate? Indeed, Doyle Morgan Fellers is the poet laureate of Dripping Springs and tomorrow (Thursday) evening at the library you can get your culture on for a poetry reading and book signing with Fellers who has donated copies of his new book, Come Sit with Me, to benefit the library and will be present to sign copies for those who purchase them. Says our poet, "Poetry is a literary art all should experience and what better place to introduce my poems, many of which are about Dripping Springs, than the community’s library."

Book Signing and Poetry Reading with Doyle Fellers
Thursday, October 30, 7PM-9PM
Dripping Springs Community Library
501 Sportsplex Drive (512-858-7825)


ABC station KVUE reported Tuesday on the record early voting in Dripping Springs (or as resident Bob James notes, "We say Drippin', now"). According to the report, 25% of Hays County voters have cast early ballots. Watch the report online by clicking here.

Cheers, Bob!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Following an appeal by Dripping Springs ISD, the Texas Education Agency has upgraded the rating status of Dripping Springs High School to "Recognized". Trying to crawl through the TEA's website and its pot pourri of acronyms and links to get a precise definition for "Recognized" was too painful, but we do know that sort of thing makes local realtors happy.

Via the Statesman


Today is the last day to vote early at the Dripping Springs ISD office before the election:

Dripping Springs ISD Office
510 W Mercer St
Dripping Springs, TX (10 am – 8 pm)

Early voting at Belterra on Thursday.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Yesterday's Livestrong event was as thrilling and inspiring as expected. Thousands of riders, volunteers, cancer survivors, and their supporters from around the world converged on Dripping Springs. Local businesses and residences on the route were festooned with Livestrong yellow to support the riders.

"Live Strawng, Y'all!" Residential display Sunday on the Livestrong route down Creek Road.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We typically don't cover Dripping Springs High School football on the Babble, but the team's now 9-0 record simply can't go unnoticed. As reported in the Statesman, not since 1949 has the team done this well (and given last year's season of just 3 wins, expectations were tempered, at best). This Friday DSHS will meet rival Lake Travis High School, also undefeated and the state's #1 ranked team.

Go Tigers!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Dripping Springs ISD Office
510 W Mercer St
Dripping Springs, TX (10 am – 4 pm)


On Saturday, Texas Hearing and Service Dogs is holding their fundraising Snoopy's Haunted Carnival at their Bell Springs Road location. The cost is $5 a "ghoul" at the door.

In case you haven't noticed, Dripping is dripping yellow! This Sunday is the Livestrong Challenge. You've probably seen the signs on the road warning of travel delays and they're not kidding. If last year was any indication, we'll be dripping with cyclists! Even if you're not riding, this is a truly exciting event for homeboy Lance Armstrong's charity. Be sure to check the route and if you're on it do some yellow festooning and cheer 'em on! It's like our own little Tour de France (but better and with a cause).

For details and links for both events visit the "Events" page and if you know of local upcoming events for the calendar please be sure and submit them.

Also! Don't miss Dripping Springs United Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch at 290 and RR12. Pumpkins for sale until October 31st.

UPDATE: One more! We just received word of the Starlight Symphony Orchestra Fall Concert - Music for Divas and Dancers. Hear an enchanting assortment of pieces taken from famous ballets and operas that everyone will recognize but didn't know why! Many orchestra members are Dripping residents and would love the local support. The free concert takes place Saturday at 7:30PM at Sunset Canyon Baptist Church. We never cease to be amazed how much talent are in these hills! For details and links visit the "Events" page

Thursday, October 23, 2008


We're happy to report that La Casita (currently on RR 12 across from the former Dripping Springs Hardware location) is indeed moving to the former GiGi's location (2400 Highway 290 West). They will be re-opening as Los Compadres Restaurante y Cantina with an expanded menu. As soon as we have a grand opening date, we'll let you know.


Early voting today (Thursday) in the Dripping area at Belterra:

Belterra Clubhouse
801 Belterra Dr.
Dripping Springs, TX (10 am – 8 pm)

Download the complete Hays County voting schedule here (PDF).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Rumor has it the new Flores Mexican Restaurant might be ready for a "soft" opening end of this month.


Spotted in the Statesman:

"Devin Alexander, 17, son of Karen and Rory Alexander of Dripping Springs, led the installation of rainwater collection systems for Hill Country Cottages, a senior citizen facility in Dripping Springs. The 300-hour project included planning and assembling rain gutters and rain barrels for the eight-unit facility. Alexander is a member of Troop 2001, chartered by Sunset Canyon Baptist Church in Dripping Springs. He is a senior at Dripping Springs High School."



We have no idea what the actual numbers were, but, wow. This Babbler waited in line 2 hours yesterday afternoon to vote and, at least per people who were working there yesterday, that "wasn't as bad as earlier in the day." Two Babblers went to the DSISD offices to vote around 6:30PM and they were guessing the wait was 1.5 hours at that time (they abandoned ship and plan to be in line first thing Saturday morning). The candidates were also there in force yesterday afternoon. We saw and spoke with Matt Young, Patrick Rose, and Debbie Brown. The Allen Bridges contingent was also out in force. There is voting tomorrow at the Belterra Clubhouse and again at the DSISD offices on Saturday. Download the Hays County early voting schedule here (PDF).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today (Tuesday, October 21st) is the first day to early vote here in Dripping:

Dripping Springs ISD Office
510 W Mercer St
Dripping Springs, TX (10 am – 8 pm)

Hays County has posted an early voting schedule which you can download here (PDF).

For our State Representative (District 45) we have Babble Q&As with Matt Young (R) and Tom Gleinser (L). Patrick Rose (D) did not participate.

For the Sheriff's race, News8 has Q&A with current Sheriff and candidate Allen Bridges (R) and rival Bill Huddleston (D). Read and watch the Q&A here.

Hays County has also posted a sample ballot which you can download here (PDF).

Monday, October 20, 2008


Early voting starts today, but if you want to vote in Dripping Springs proper you'll need to wait until tomorrow (Tuesday, October 21st). Hays County has posted an early voting schedule which you can download here (PDF). Per the schedule, you can vote early tomorrow at the Dripping Springs ISD Office (510 Mercer) from 10AM - 8PM. For other places to vote in Hays County starting today and for additional dates and places to vote in the Dripping area, check the posted schedule.

Friday, October 17, 2008


(Insert your own chili and hazardous waste joke here)

This weekend has two Dripping events of note on Saturday: The Dripping Springs Chili Cook-off and the subtly named Household Hazardous Waste Collection. While the HHWC party does not take place in Dripping proper (rather, it's in San Marcos) anyone with a tool shed piled high with rusting cans of scary substances that you don't know how to dispose of should welcome this opportunity to pawn your problem off on the county.

For details on both visit the "Events" page and, if you know of local upcoming events for the calendar, please be sure and submit them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


As posted previously, we sent questions to the three candidates for State Representative District 45 (that's us), Patrick Rose (D), Matt Young (R), and Tom Gleinser (L). We have heard from Mr. Gleinser (his answers here), Mr. Rose's office called to say he "would not be participating" (that post here), and we now have answers from Wimberley's Mr. Young, see below. For the questions, we focused on the issues we have seen get folks the most riled at Dripping Springs City Hall, what the candidates see as the biggest issues facing us, and how the candidates have presented themselves. Big thanks to Mr. Gleinser and Mr. Young for taking the time to let Dripping Springs learn more about you.

Do you see the changes in Dripping Springs as a positive or negative (e.g., the influx of national chains such as Home Depot, McDonald's, Walgreens)?

YOUNG: Change and growth is inevitable. How we manage this growth will make the difference in having positive or negative results. For the past 6 years we have done little to manage growth in our district and it shows. We need to turn this around and put in place a "Hill Country Environmental Growth Plan" (HCEGP) that will not restrict existing business and families but will hold new development accountable for water and roads. These developers must share in this cost if we are to keep our hill country beautiful and livable and it must be done in a way that conserves our district. Additionally, I will advocate to give county officials more authority in managing such growth, because currently commissioners have little authority in these matters.

You are positioning yourself as "Not a Politician". How do you define "politician" and, if elected, what keeps you from becoming a politician?

Answer - Term Limits! I believe that a Politician serves him or herself and that the Statesmen serves the people. I propose 5 terms in the House of Representatives and 3 terms in the Senate only. We have many good people that can serve in this district and state and it is time that we get rid of the career politicians and begin to put the power back into the hands of the people where it belongs! We need more teachers, business people, accountants, workers, doctors and moms and dads serving in our government and less career attorney politicians. If we can get this done then we can start to fix some of the real issues that continue to mount in our district and state. IT'S TIME FOR REAL CHANGE!

BABBLE: You are also positioning yourself as a "Proven Leader" and "Battle-Tested". Please elaborate on the details behind both of those claims and how they relate to the position of our State Representative.

YOUNG: As a Father of two teenagers in public school and Husband I have been faced (like most of you) with day to day challenges. Such as paying the rent or mortgage, putting food on the table, paying the bills in tough times and not quitting makes all of us Proven Leaders and Battle Tested in many unseen ways. In addition, I am a U.S. Marine who served in the first Gulf War, a business owner with employees who started as a simple warehousemen and worked my way up. Life experiences, which gives strength and wisdom during tough times and having the political courage to stand against the majority at times makes all the difference in our districts and government.

BABBLE: What do you see as the greatest issues facing District 45? And what is your position on each.

YOUNG: There are many, Growth, Mobility, Water Conservation, Improper Funding for our Schools, High Cost in Property Tax, the new Business Gross Margin Tax (which is killing small business across the state) and list goes on...We cannot begin to address these issues properly as long as we keep electing career politicians who continue to serve special interests and lobbyists. And about lobbyists, I believe that organizations DO NEED an advocate fighting for them at the capitol...but THE LAW MAKERS DO NOT NEED TO ACCEPT THEIR MONEY IN ORDER TO CARRY THEIR LEGISLATION. It is time to end this cycle of purchasing our legislators' votes and start answering back to the people of Texas.

BABBLE: It appears that we are in the midst of yet another drought. Wells in the area are going dry, yet drive through the growing number of subdivision in the area and you'll still see lush, green lawns, vanity ponds, and water features. What, if anything, do you believe should be done to protect our water resources?

YOUNG: We need to begin to reduce the cedar population first. These trees are not native to Texas, and they are draining our creeks, rivers, and aquifers. This is a real problem. In addition, we can also begin to require rain water collection systems and zero-scape landscaping in our new developments across the district. Again, giving county officials more authority in the area of development will greatly help conserve our precious water resources. Additionally I propose a property tax credit or abatement for existing homeowners that install such systems. This is just a start, but with Pro-Active efforts, we can manage our most valuable resource.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The Statesman has an article on Willie Nelson's partnership with Ed Russell of Dripping Springs and their water-from-air venture. The aptly named company Willie Nelson's Water From Air will market and sell machines that condense water from the air, clean it, and make it drinkable. How the machines from Canada got to Dripping Springs and then to Willie is almost as interesting as what they actually do. Per the article:

"The machine works like a de-humidifier, extracting moisture from the air, then pushing it through a series of filters before treating it with ultraviolet light to remove mold, bacteria, algae and other organisms. The water is stored in a reservoir, where it is chilled or heated for drinking.

A home-sized version of Wataire's machine, which is manufactured in South Korea, makes about 8 gallons of water a day in Austin's relatively high humidity. (In drier environments it makes about 4 or 5 gallons a day.) Larger versions of the machines can make 2,500 or 5,000 gallons a day. "

Find out how Dripping got in the loop and more about the machine here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Lots on the agenda tonight for the Dripping Springs City Council. You can download the entire agenda PDF here. One item of particular note is consideration of, and possible action on, the Preliminary Plat for Arrowhead Ranch, the subdivision planned for 362 acres across from GiGi's old location. You know that beautiful drive down Creek Road along the creek, over the bridge and by Onion Creek Farm? It borders that. At last count, 200 houses are planned for the development.


A gorgeous new book about our Texas Hill Country has just been published and it features two hometown favorites. The Texas Hill Country: A Food and Wine Lover's Paradise is a gorgeous collection of photographs and recipes from our area, including Rolling in Thyme & Dough and Pure Luck. Rolling in Thyme & Dough plans on selling the book at the bakery or you can learn more and buy it online here.

UPDATE: We inadvertently left out Onion Creek Farm in our post yesterday, also featured in the book!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Not sure if the rain will effect these, but paving on Mercer Street, with one lane closure from 290 to Mercer Street Bridge, is scheduled for today.

Paving on Creek Road by Pioneer Bank is scheduled for tomorrow (October 14) The Bank will have access on 290 and all other traffic for Creek Road and Ramirez Lane will be detoured to Roger Hanks Road.

Now, someone needs to do something exciting in Dripping because that may be our most boring post ever.

Friday, October 10, 2008


This Sunday (October 12th) from 11:AM - 3:00PM is the 11th Annual Empty Bowl Project benefitting Dripping Springs Helping Hands. Hosted by Sunset Canyon Pottery (4002 E. Hwy 290), the tasty event is for a great cause. For a $20 donation you can choose from over 1,000 handmade bowls and receive a serving of gourmet soup and bread dnoated by some of the finest restaurants in the area.


As we posted yesterday, we sent questions to the three candidates for State Representative District 45 (that's us), Patrick Rose (D), Matt Young (R), and Tom Gleinser (L). Mr. Gleinser's answers are posted here. Yesterday afternoon we received a phone call from Rose's office saying he "will not be participating", which we take as pol-speak for "we're not answering the questions, little blog". Alas, we tried! Rose is going for his fourth term as our representative, so there is plenty of fodder for a breakdown of his record and what his constituents think of him, which we'll post before the election. If you have an opinion on Patrick Rose please feel free to drop us a confidential line at


Last Thursday we posted news on the efforts by DSYSA and Hays County Precinct 4 Commissioner Karen Ford to get $266,000 in emergency funding for sports fields here in Dripping. This week, the Hays County commissioners broke their "self-imposed moratorium on dispensing what’s left of $30 million in parks and open space bond funds...(and) awarded $266,000 to the Dripping Springs Youth Sports Association for ball fields." Read the full story on the San Marcos Mercury.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's tonight at ths Salt Lick! Starting at 5PM until 10PM and Dripping's own legendary Johnny Gimble is playing! Tickets are available at the door. Click here to download the PDF with details.


We sent questions to the three candidates for State Representative District 45 (that's us), Patrick Rose (D), Matt Young (R), and Tom Gleinser the Libertarian candidate. We will publish the answers if and when they come in. Mr. Gleinser, of Dripping Springs, was kind enough to take the time to answer our questions. For the questions, we focused on the issues we have seen get folks the most riled at Dripping Springs City Hall, what the candidates see as the biggest issues facing us, and how the candidates have presented themselves.

BABBLE: Do you see the changes in Dripping Springs as a positive or negative (e.g., the influx of national chains such as Home Depot, McDonald's, Walgreens)?

GLEINSER: Although I see the changes as negative, it really doesn’t matter what I think. I’d rather see Dripping Springs stay a small town, but it is none of my business what people wish to do with their property and how businesses want to conduct themselves as long as it is constitutionally legal. I do like the convenience of having new businesses in town.

BABBLE: You are positioning yourself as the “Un-Politician”, how do you define "politician" and, if elected, what keeps you from becoming a politician?

GLEINSER: A politician is one that is loyal to Party first and their constituents second. I put Party second to my principles and my constituents. Pat Rose is a consummate politician. He attempted to thwart a Democratic process by running off and hiding in a motel in Oklahoma in order to enhance his party’s power. I will work to free people of the binds of government. We have too much regulation, too much taxation and not enough production from government. Government has primarily become a vehicle for redistributing the wealth. It must be stopped. People of all classes will benefit from my policies. Only the well connected will benefit from the policies of Pat Rose. I will not become a Politician because my Party, the Libertarian Party, is a Party of principles, not a Party of bureaucrats and money.

BABBLE: You are running on the Libertarian ticket. What defines and distinguishes a Libertarian from Republicans and Democrats?

GLEINSER: A Libertarian is a person that believes Social and Political change should come through the actions of free men and women. Republicans and Democrats think that people need to be forced to do the right thing. The right thing is doing whatever you want as long as you don’t do harm to others.

BABBLE: What do you see as the greatest issues facing District 45? And what is your position on each.

GLEINSER: The most important issue in District 45 is the same issue plaguing the State and Nation. . . Education. If our young don’t receive a quality education, our nation will continue its steady decline that started when teachers unions and the Federal government started dictating how our children were to be educated. Public education has become far too expensive in violation of the Texas Constitution which states that “it shall be the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools.” Our system of Education is not only inefficient, but a total and gross failure. There are any number of suitable alternatives that parents should be allowed to choose rather than being forced into our failed public schools. The second most important issue is the runaway growth of government. Year after year we see government growth far exceeding the growth in population and economy. It cannot be sustained. It is probably already too late to avoid national bankruptcy. Perhaps we can save Texas.

BABBLE: It appears that we are in the midst of yet another drought. Wells in the area are going dry, yet drive through the growing number of subdivision in the area and you'll still see lush, green lawns, vanity ponds, and water features. What, if anything, do you believe should be done to protect our water resources?

GLEINSER: The wells are not going dry because of increased development. I’m on a well, I have a “vanity” pond (which just recirculates water) and a sprinkler system. Most of the water that I use is returned to the aquifer after being filtered through several hundred feet of limestone below my septic system. One reason wells are going dry is our heavy Cedar coverage. A medium sized Cedar will consume about 35 gallons a day of water. Multiply that by the millions of Cedars in the area and you have your real culprit. People couldn’t begin to keep up with Cedars for using water. Wherever there are high population densities in the area that might impact our ground water supply, the LCRA has begun to supply water. The last thing that we want is some full-of-himself bureaucrat forcing his way onto our property and slapping a meter on our wells. If your well runs dry, dig it deeper. I’m at 840 feet and have never had a water problem.

Thank you to Mr. Gleinser for taking the time to answer our questions and share his views. If and when we hear from Mr. Rose and Mr. Young, we'll get those posted.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


With the election rapidly approaching, we're following up on our promise to cover the candidates. News8 made our task a bit easier with its Hays County Sheriff Q&A with current Sheriff and candidate Allen Bridges (R) and rival Bill Huddleston (D). Read and watch the Q&A here. Note: As a nice indicator of the sloppy standard of reporting today, Bridges' first name is misspelled.

Also, each candidate has a website with their point of view: and

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Local real estate guru David Loe says word is that both McDonald's and Flores will open some time around Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 6, 2008


News8 has a feature on the booming development in Dripping. Read the article and watch the video here.


We are excited by the prospect of this tidbit of news. We just received a Drip Tip that La Casita on RR 12 (across from the old True Value) is planning a move to the space vacated by GiGi's Java & Donuts in addition to taking over the empty storefront next to GiGi's. It is anticipated that the new La Casita will have 20-25 tables as well as a Cantina!

Thank you, Dyan!

Friday, October 3, 2008


St. Martin de Porres is having its annual parish festival at the church on Sunday. This year's theme is "tailgate party". It looks like if you want a spot to tailgate, tomorrow (Saturday, October 4) is the deadline to reserve your space. Visit the church's website for details.


Appaloosa, the new movie starring Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen opens today. Word is parts of the film were shot in Dripping Springs on Reimers Ranch where much of The Alamo was filmed.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Dear Fellow Babblers:

Two Babblers are volunteering for an upcoming charity function benefitting PAWS Shelter and Humane Society. The event will take place on November 9th on the rolling grounds of Stay-N-Play Pet Ranch (next door to the upcoming Flores restaurant on 290) and will feature loads of fun (and free!) activities for pets, kids, and adults plus special fundraising events to benefit PAWS. We have dogs adopted from PAWS so the cause is near and dear to our hearts, plus, we're working on making it as fun as humanly (animaly?) possible. Right now we're looking for sponsors. If you have a business, this is a perfect opportunity to get your name in front of the Stay-N-Play Pet Ranch client base (aka thousands of people with enough discretionary income to pamper their pets). We have several marketing options and understand limited budgets (we're small business owners, too) and you can be assured we'll market the heck out of the event and our sponsors!

If you have any interest in learning more, please drop us a line and we'll get back to you asap. We are no pressure kind of people, so don't be afraid of being hounded (no pun intended -- well sorta)!


The San Marcos Mercury has a run down on the efforts Tuesday by DSYSA and Hays County Precinct 4 Commissioner Karen Ford to get $266,000 in emergency funding for sports fields here in Dripping. From the article:

"(Ford) found herself in an uncomfortable position Tuesday, arguing on behalf of her constituents for a parks bond expenditure somewhat similar to a measure in San Marcos that she consistently opposed earlier this year.

"Ford acknowledged the difficulty, saying, 'I’m just sort of falling on my knees asking what we can do' to produce a quick $266,000 for the Dripping Springs Youth Sports Association (DSYSA).

"The DSYSA went before the Hays County Commissioners Court asking for the money to cover its costs for the rapid development of fields for football, soccer and lacrosse after various arrangements with the Dripping Springs ISD and private entities fell through and left it in a bind."

Read the complete article here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The deadline to register to vote is October 6th. As all the signs around 12 and 290 indicate, it's not just about the Presidential race. In local races, there is no electoral college -- every vote truly counts. The Texas Secretary of State actually has useful information online about registering (or finding out if you're already registered). Click here for more.