Thursday, October 2, 2008


The San Marcos Mercury has a run down on the efforts Tuesday by DSYSA and Hays County Precinct 4 Commissioner Karen Ford to get $266,000 in emergency funding for sports fields here in Dripping. From the article:

"(Ford) found herself in an uncomfortable position Tuesday, arguing on behalf of her constituents for a parks bond expenditure somewhat similar to a measure in San Marcos that she consistently opposed earlier this year.

"Ford acknowledged the difficulty, saying, 'I’m just sort of falling on my knees asking what we can do' to produce a quick $266,000 for the Dripping Springs Youth Sports Association (DSYSA).

"The DSYSA went before the Hays County Commissioners Court asking for the money to cover its costs for the rapid development of fields for football, soccer and lacrosse after various arrangements with the Dripping Springs ISD and private entities fell through and left it in a bind."

Read the complete article here.