Friday, October 24, 2008


On Saturday, Texas Hearing and Service Dogs is holding their fundraising Snoopy's Haunted Carnival at their Bell Springs Road location. The cost is $5 a "ghoul" at the door.

In case you haven't noticed, Dripping is dripping yellow! This Sunday is the Livestrong Challenge. You've probably seen the signs on the road warning of travel delays and they're not kidding. If last year was any indication, we'll be dripping with cyclists! Even if you're not riding, this is a truly exciting event for homeboy Lance Armstrong's charity. Be sure to check the route and if you're on it do some yellow festooning and cheer 'em on! It's like our own little Tour de France (but better and with a cause).

For details and links for both events visit the "Events" page and if you know of local upcoming events for the calendar please be sure and submit them.

Also! Don't miss Dripping Springs United Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch at 290 and RR12. Pumpkins for sale until October 31st.

UPDATE: One more! We just received word of the Starlight Symphony Orchestra Fall Concert - Music for Divas and Dancers. Hear an enchanting assortment of pieces taken from famous ballets and operas that everyone will recognize but didn't know why! Many orchestra members are Dripping residents and would love the local support. The free concert takes place Saturday at 7:30PM at Sunset Canyon Baptist Church. We never cease to be amazed how much talent are in these hills! For details and links visit the "Events" page