Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There is some serious art in these Dripping hills and the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) agrees. The TCA's Texas Original (TxO) program was created to help preserve the unique arts and crafts heritage of Texas and provide Texas artists with an outlet for marketing their products. Artists included in the TxO program have been through a review process overseen by the TCA. When you see the TxO brand, above, often displayed on an artist's website, that means they have been through the TxO process and selected by the commission. A scroll through the commision's website of artists from across the entire state, here, reveals quite the Dripping inclination. Indeed, few towns are as well-represented. Look for Dripping's own Bridget Hauser of Sunset Canyon Pottery, Melodie Greider of Stickhorse Studios, Wayne Rossi of DS Iron Works, and Gary Thompson of Lone Sage Ranch.

And for even more Dripping art, be sure and take a scroll through the Artist's of Dripping Springs directory, here.