Monday, November 10, 2008


The Macy's in Chicago has unveiled it's 2008 Christmas window, essentially telling New York to "bring it", but perhaps Chicago should look a bit more southwesterly to see where it will be brought as the City of Dripping Springs is bringing back the town Christmas lighting contest. Dripping will have three contest categoies: residential, business, and public service/non-profit. There is no entry fee and the winners will receive a special award at the Christmas Tree Lighting at Christmas on Mercer Street, and recognition for your business/organization on the Triangle along with city publicity. All entries will be due to City Hall by November 29, 2008.

You may still be cranking the A/C in your truck, but November 29th is just 19 days away! The entry form is online here. For more information or questions please contact Ashley Seay, Michelle Fischer or Ginger Faught at 512-858-4725.