Thursday, December 4, 2008


As was widely reported, on November 10th a tragedy occured at Terry's Mobile Home Park on RR 12 here in Dripping Springs. That morning, a man took a female hostage in one of the homes, leading to a SWAT stand-off, ultimately ending with multiple rounds of tear gas being shot into the home and the man committing suicide. The story was told that day, and we heard nothing more on the matter. Until today, when we learned the ripple effect of that tragedy.

The mobile home where the events took place is owned by a 60 year old woman who has lived in the park for 30 years. She had recently paid off the home and lived there with her granddaughter, the female taken hostage. In the wake of the tear gas shot into the home, it became uninhabitable (not to mention the trauma of splattered blood from the suicide). The powerful chemicals in tear gas linger long after the event, invading the walls of the home and causing eye irritations and respiratory distress. Crime scene clean up companies specialize in tear gas clean up, but at a considerable cost. With her home uninhabitable due to the toxic tear gas and associated damage, the grandmother sought victim's assistance help but was reportendly denied. Now, friends are seeking help for her. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how to get this long-time Dripping Springs resident back into a home, please call family friend Jana Erickson at 512-496-5338. And, be sure and keep the Babble updated on your efforts.

STORY CORRECTION: The grandmother's daughter was the female taken hostage, not her granddaughter who lives with her grandmother.