Monday, December 1, 2008


The City of Dripping Springs Community Newsletter has an informative article on oak wilt, the destructive tree disease that has left an unfortunate and indelible mark on the Dripping Springs tree population and our landscape. Many new Central Texas residents (as well as old-timers) are not aware of their ability to stop (and spread) the epidemic that has killed more than 1 million trees in 70 Central Texas counties. If you received the newsletter in the mail, be sure and check out the article and the timely tips for helping manage oak wilt. If you did not receive the newsletter, or if you want to learn more, visit Highlights for helping prevent the spread include least hazardous times of year to prune (such as coldest days of midwinter) and the importance of immediately painting all wounds on oaks. Even if you know about oak wilt, your neighbors may not and oak wilt spreads via a vast interconnected root system. What we must do is spread this information.

The oak wilt problem is a serious one, affecting not only the beauty of our landscape, but our land values as well. Indeed, the Dripping Springs City Council is considering adopting a disesed tree ordinance to help prevent the spread of oak wilt. A free workshop on Managing Oak Wilt will be presented at City Hall in January, but don't wait until then to learn more.