Monday, January 12, 2009


We confess to being Craigslist addicts (one Babbler has two longhorns courtesy Craigslist), because in the midst of the used Playstations, entertainment centers, and wedding dresses, we not only find things we actually need (and cheaply so), but also things that capture our imagination. Our current Craigslist obsession is a "mobile cafe" for sale in Dripping Springs. Per the description (and accompanying photos) this is a 1975 International Harvester Double Decker Bus that has been converted into a cafe on wheels. The work put into the bus (and the reason for sale) is all detailed in the listing which can be seen here. Note: Craigslist postings can be deleted at any time by the author. We don't know who is selling the bus or what the sale status is, so the link could be gone at any time.